Bathing Tubs For A Modern Bathroom

Contemporary Bath Tub Ideas, Bathroom Sink and Linen Cabinets, and Over Toilet Storage

Getting a new bathroom is an exciting prospect for most adults. The planning of the layout, choosing the bath tub, toilet, shower unit and sink, are all an enjoyable process, especially if you have an ample budget. Apart from the bathroom suite itself, you have the storage to sort out, which can include bathroom sink cabinets, a corner bathroom vanity, over the toilet storage cabinets and shelves. All need to be fitted in with the plan and the budget, and match well together to give the bathroom overall an impressive look and feel.

Bathing tubs are, for many people, the centerpiece of the bathroom design, even for those who opt for corner bath tubs. Choosing the tub is perhaps the starting point for a well designed bathroom. Get that right at a personal level, and the rest should fit in around that choice, whether the tub is part of a bathroom suite or not.

For those with large bathrooms, the task may be easier than for those who are stumped for space, but that is not necessarily so. A small space with limited storage area may constrain you into a more careful designed plan that looks perfect in the end. It is possible, if you have too much room, that you allow the spaciousness to get out of balance, so plan with care and try to visualize. If you can handle a graphic design software or online service, then that could give you the upper hand in getting the overall plan right.

The choice of bath tubs available is enormous, and the price range wide. A smaller budget might actually make it easier to choose, as you have less choice of tubs. You can pay as much as $11000 - $12000 for a MTI Eryx Freestanding Bathtub, or as less than $700 for a MTI Basics Bathtub (59.75" x 35.75" x 19.5") in White. No doubt you could find cheaper and even more expensive tubs if you really need to. You could search for hours, days and weeks. is a good place to start that search.

We focus on walk in bath tubs, claw foot, corner, cast iron and jet tubs. We do not forget other important parts of the bathroom, though. Getting the storage right, and adequate, is critical to the overall appearance of the bathroom when complete and in use. It would be a shame to spoil the new bathroom with lots of clutter you could have catered for with a bit of forethought. Bathroom sink cabinets, corner vanities, over toilet storage and linen cabinets all have a role to play in the modern bathroom.